Inductor is live on Product Hunt 🚀

Inductor is live on Product Hunt, upvote Inductor and follow us as we launch more updates for evaluating, monitoring, and improving LLM apps
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We’re excited to introduce Inductor on Product Hunt! 🎉

Check out our launch to view our new demo video, learn more about Inductor, ask questions, or provide feedback. If you like what you see, please upvote and share so that more LLM app developers can ship production-ready LLM apps far faster and more easily with Inductor. 

Inductor is a developer tool for evaluating, monitoring, and improving LLM applications – to enable you to build and ship production-ready LLM applications far faster and more easily.

We’ve carefully crafted Inductor for LLM app developers as a combination of a CLI, API, and web UI to provide a fantastic developer experience for iterating and shipping fast. Inductor is packed with powerful features like: 

  • Test suites
  • Quality measures
  • Hyperparameters
  • Human evals
  • LLM-powered evals
  • Live production monitoring
  • Auto-logging
  • Collaboration

Rigorously evaluate your LLM app both offline and online by rapidly applying human, programmatic, and LLM-powered quality measures.  Turbocharge experimentation with easily defined hyperparameters, and use them in your LLM app to test anything: prompts, models, RAG strategies, or anything else. Easily monitor live traffic with just one line of code – detect and resolve issues, analyze usage, and seamlessly feed back into your development process. 

We’ve designed Inductor to make it easy to get started quickly.  As soon as you have an account, it takes just a few minutes to create your first test suite and run it on your LLM app using our CLI – with zero code modifications. To log and monitor your live traffic, simply add one line of code to your app.

If you’re interested in trying Inductor for free, request access here

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