Ship production-ready LLM apps

Inductor is a developer tool for evaluating, ensuring, and improving the quality of your LLM applications – both during development and in production.

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Inductor CLI and App
Inductor makes it easy to continuously answer these questions, so that you can deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and safe LLM apps far more easily and quickly.

Use Inductor to

Develop fast

Develop fast

Inductor provides a fantastic workflow for continuous testing and evaluation as you develop –  so that you always know your LLM app’s quality. Systematically improve quality and cost-effectiveness by actionably understanding your LLM app’s behavior and quickly testing different app variants.
Ship rapidly and reliably

Ship rapidly and reliably

Rigorously assess your LLM app’s behavior before you deploy, in order to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness when you’re live. Easily monitor your live traffic: detect and resolve issues, analyze usage in order to improve, and seamlessly feed back into your development process.
Collaborate easily

Collaborate easily

Inductor makes it easy for engineering and other roles to collaborate: get critical human feedback from non-engineering stakeholders (e.g., PM, UX, or subject matter experts) to ensure that your LLM app is user-ready. Leave spreadsheets behind.  Rigorously use LLMs to optimize your human evals.

Carefully crafted for teams shipping LLM apps


Easy, rigorous testing

Inductor’s test suites and CLI make continuous evaluation easy – with test cases, quality measures, and hyperparameters.

Purpose-built platform

Stay organized with automatic tracking and versioning, execution auto-logging, human + machine evaluations, and the Inductor UI.

Turbocharged experiments

Easily define and inject hyperparameters into your LLM app to test anything: prompts, models, RAG strategies, or anything else.

Actionable analytics

Organized data and purpose-built analytical tools enable you to rapidly assess your LLM app and determine how to improve quality and cost.

Live production monitoring

Rich, automated production logging empowers you to understand usage, detect issues, and seamlessly feed back into your development process.

Easy, secure collaboration

Share analyses and run human evaluations via an intuitive web UI to get critical feedback from stakeholders and SMEs.

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Enterprise-ready by default.
Integrates instantly
Integrates instantly
Run Inductor on your LLM app with zero code modifications. Optionally add 1-3 lines of code to get next-level capabilities.
Works seamlessly with your existing stack
Works seamlessly with your existing stack
Inductor works with any model, and any way of writing LLM apps – from straight-up Python to LangChain and beyond.
Stay in your environment
Stay in your environment
Your code doesn’t leave your environment, in both development and production. Use Inductor seamlessly in any code editor or notebook.
Runs in our cloud account or yours
Runs in our cloud account or yours
Inductor is architected from the ground up to run either hosted by us, or self-hosted in your cloud account.